The Reading Police

Yesterday, I was The Reading Police.  I stepped into the towns bookstore.  It wasn’t Barnes and Noble or any other chain.  This was a quaint, amply stocked store with the ambiance of a library.  For any reader, a sort of intellectual sanctuary. I picked up a book or two, children’s of course and read it.  I read […]

Tumford the Terrible by Nancy Tillman

The bold, colorful cover of this book drew my attention because I love the color red.  Funny how the yellow and big eyes of the cat were pleasing and not haunting. It may be the innocent expression, much like a toddlers.  Anyway, parents seeking help with teaching social skills in subtle, enjoyable ways will enjoy reading […]

Owl Moon

Recently I read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.  This picture book is beautifully written with poetic, elegant language.  The pictures are beautiful; hence the Caldecott award;  makes me yearn for Colorado in the winter. The story is about a girl and her “Pa” who take a walk on a snowy, moonlit, after bedtime night. The trip […]

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