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WP_001058Hi, thanks for stopping in. The goal for my blog Enjoy is sharing photos with others (and to remind myself) of the various things that bring me joy in my daily life.

I have another blog called I Write. I envision myself one day, sipping a cappuccino at the local coffee shop, booth to myself,  laptop on the table, music playing in the background. Ah yes, I can see me now. Just writing.
But, in reality, I’m a tutor working with struggling and gifted students. I have a blog about that also called Book-Smart Students. In this blog, I share about tutoring young children in reading. You can never start too early in sharing the joy of a good book.

Thanks, peace.


12 replies to “About Me

  1. Thanks for the like, for stopping by for conversing with me and for making me laugh so hard. I thought I was too tired to laugh but you made me laugh. Thanks for making my day!!!

  2. You are nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I find your blog inspirational and Love Your Stories. I enjoy them a great deal. Find the rules at my blog for accepting at BrooklynBystander http://brooklynbystander.wordpress.com
    Thank you for your inspiration and support and. CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Thanks do much for the nomination!!! Its exactly what I hope to leave for readers is inspiration, and most recently in the deeper, spiritual side of life. I will check out the link and pass it forward.
      Again thanks,

  3. Thanks so much for the follow! Enjoying “Enjoy” as well and it lifts my spirits whenever a new post comes across my feed. If you would…please consider following me at lifeattitudes.wordpress.com as well. That blog is much more in the spirit of a “Blissful Blog” as my sportsattitudes posts can be…well…very sports-oriented. Again, a pleasure following you and thanks so much for doing so in return. Have a blessed day, Bruce

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