Butterflies, Jitters and Excitement

Honestly, I’m adverse to attention, so what do I do? I decide to take on the goal of writing a novel. Perhaps I won’t leap from tall buildings or ever understand Calculus, but how to write a book?  I now can say I have some clue in that area.  It is a bit weird.  Me a bookwriter.  Note*  I have yet to say, I wrote a novel. It’s too early.  Perhaps what we  (my friend Elaine and I) wrote was more of a novelette.  But you have to start somewhere!  Below is a fake cover of our book.  I don’t take credit for the picture and I haven’t even checked with my partner about this.  But, I think it’s a cool shot nonetheless.  If you read the book, a sand dollar or two could actually be listed as minor characters!  Anyway, that’s it for now, stay tuned as I participate in “Pitching” on Saturday at the Writer’s Conference in Seattle.  Wish me (us) luck!!


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