The “sunbrella” protects us from the elements while also giving a pleasant color to the eyes, blending in with nature, adding to the peaceful ambiance.  There, I just sold these umbrellas.  Maybe, anyway, as the days pass quickly, my excitement as well as anxiety grows for the writer’s conference.  I’m thankful that I can go and represent me and my friend and our story.  This has been a 2 year long project that will meet it’s destiny in under 4 days!  But, I’m trying to be realistic as well and understand that this is a first endeavor.  We’ve done our best and are in need of professional intervention.  That is our need and we hope to achieve that goal by my attending this conference. 

Phillip and I have made a decision about moving.  We won’t be moving until next year.  We’ve decided to focus our attention on moving our girls into their college dorms successfully, planning for their tuition and making their transition smooth.  We also decided that both Phillip and I have goals as well:  He just started a job that is busy and exhausting.  We’re happy for him to keep focused on a good start with Amazon.  And as I referred to earlier, I’m focusing on writing.  There are plenty of goals I have around this condo and with our stuff, but for the most part, I will focus on writing the story and completing it.
There, our goals are documented and life moves forward.  Though my feelings are mixed about this decision, I choose to stand confidently waiting and not being idle. 


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