Summer Blooms

Though the blooms of summer are here, it’s still gray and raining today.  It’s a tad bit chilly as well since the sun is buried underneath the clouds.  That’s okay, it keeps me cool.  I’m stoked about summer finally being here.  School was quickly becoming a stress-filled environment for teachers, kids, and substitute teachers.  I had become weary of it all.  But, I made it, thank God.  I’m grateful for the good paying job though and for a summer break.
Hannah has completed high school and is all ready and signed up for College life.  She will be taking her to Boise State on her birthday.  We will celebrate and I will cry as my baby turns 18 on the day she walks on campus.  
My other daughter, Bria, has worked hard this past semester and earned her high school diploma!  We’re so proud of her.  On Tuesday, she will have a portfolio review and interview with the head of the department of art at Cornish College of the Arts.  She too will prepare for school this fall.  I’m very excited for her even though our nest will be emptying.  
My girls will begin their next phase of life and Phillip and I will begin our new phase as well.  Phillip will also be starting a new position at Amazon, not too far from where Bria will attend school.  Eventually, we plan a move over to Seattle and hopefully we’ll find a rent house with a yard.  Shadow has big changes ahead of him as well.  He’ll miss the girls for sure!  
Josiah is beginning a new project with music and he’s very busy with work and being part of a band.  He’s glad and we are too that he’s busy in the music world.  
I’m excited because I will be attending a writer’s conference on the 17 of July.  It will be my first.  I’ve been editing mine and Elaine’s story and have much hope that a Literary agent will see some promise in it.  I hope to begin a new career of writing in August.  We’ll see.
I’m thankful for the life God has given me.  I feel blessed.


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