Our Date and other stuff

We went on a date on an island.  Bainbridge was lovely.  We had fun being together Phillip and I.  It’s fun to escape somewhere not too far away, but feels that way.  We had great food, good wine and desserts.  We are very blessed and have enjoyed this time off.  Life will get even busier pretty soon.  Phillip has work, interviews, and conferences and we both have to get ready to send Hannah to college.  We look forward to all that is changing quickly in our lives.  I’m very ready to finish up the school year, but at least I’ve made peace with teaching.  I know I’ve got a lot to learn, but I have gained confidence in my abilities if nothing else.  I’m thankful.  If I’ve learned anything, is that it’s consistent, kids are kids.  It doesn’t matter their color, their economic reality or their beliefs, they are children and are pure in their love.  Sure there are children who have behavior issues or special needs, but they are children who wish to be loved.  I love them.  I don’t know how well I could teach them however, but if I’m supposed to God help me.
On other news, and if I’m not suppose to teach, (or even if I am) here’s what I’m sticking my fingers into.  I’ve got an interest along with Phillip to learn about starting a business.  A business of selling chocolate and other goodies.  I want to make a life of it with Phillip, but there’s a lot to learn.  We will learn it.  The quicker the better I think.  Also, along with my friend, I’ve written a sort of novel.  It’s a first endeavor, but we’ve done it and it’s looking like I will pitch our story to real literary agents at a writer’s conference which I will attend in July.  It’s very exciting and scary, but Phillip says this is true living.  I will pitch the story and hope.  
Our children are doing well, healing, living life as artists and filled with passion.  No surprise.  I enjoy seeing them pursue a peaceful, yet passionate life.  If things change and they choose to go to school, well God will lead them there too.
That is it for now.  It’s late and I need to go to bed.  I am remembering what this weekend is for.  Even though I do not support war, I’m thankful there are men who give their lives for the cause of protecting our freedom.  I am grateful for them.  I do grieve with the families who have lost  love ones and I grieve for the survivors who have lost limb, innocence and faith.  I pray as I do for the broken that they will reach for the outstretched hand that is in the dark.  He is there waiting to take it.  We mourn here, but soon there will be no more tears or pain. 


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