Flowers Everywhere!

Hi Blog!  It’s me, your author!  I have been writing on my memoir and on the story Elaine and I are writing.  So, the blogs have just gotten neglected.  The photo here is of last year, but pretty much these flowers are everywhere again.  It’s May and we’ve hit that time of the year when there are flowers everywhere and it’s warm.  If the sun peeks back inside the clouds, then there is a chill in the air, but pretty much, most days are sunny and warm.  I like to stand in the sun and soak up the rays.  I feel more charged up after doing this and so I need to remember to do this when I can. 
Anyway, the school year is a month away from ending and I’m very glad in many ways.  Hannah will be out of high school and our years of having children in school will come to an end!  Woo Hoo!
These days I’ve been subbing have gone slowly, but easily for the most part.  I’m glad to contribute to the family, but I’m very ready for the year to come to an end.  I can see the fatigue on the faces of the teachers as well as the students.  
Phillip is still trying to get his job settled and as much as I’d like to, moving will have to wait until the fall.  It hurts to say that!!  But, it’s for the best.  
I’ve signed up for my first writing conference and I will make a pitch for mine and Elaine’s story with real literary agents!  This is so scary and exciting at the same time!  This will be in July, so there’s time to polish what we have which is our first draft.  The story has come a long way and I’m determined to finish it.  I hope to find a way to bring Elaine up here to Washington so that we could work together to get it done.  I had a both good and hard visit in Texas.  Was of course, so glad to see Josiah!  He looks good, just tired out.  I was able to see my parents and my sisters and Karen.  Overall glad I went.  More later, I’ve been writing all day and my brain is tired.


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