Weekend thoughts

If I accomplished anything today, it’s filing.  There are several wars that households fight.  The war with paper, the war with plastic wrap.  The war with what to make for dinner.  The war with filing.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but these are headaches, so yea for me, I conquered one!
Anyway, I worked everyday of last week, but God was with me.  Twice I worked there was an intern so they did the teaching.  I was there to supervise.  Other assignments seemed extra-light as well. I was very grateful, but I also wondered if God was trying to give me a warm fuzzy of sorts, because here is what I observed. While the interns were fabulous, the kids came to me.  When a child struggled with understanding a problem, they came to me.  When several disputes happened, they came to me.  When there was an almost bullying problem, I tackled it as if the child were my own.  When a child had anxiety over a matter with a friend, they came to me.  Even though I’ve not been perfect at all,   I remain a mother.  It could not be denied this week that what shines through me is motherhood.  But I won’t let it go to my head.  I’ll keep the warm fuzzy wrapped around my heart and remember how much God wants to love me and how much He wants me to love myself.

*Not my photo
I actually got this photo from this site http://languageartonline.com/blog/.  I really like this photo.

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