Sunny Day!

For the latest update, there isn’t much of one because I’ve been working all week.  The money is good, but the condo shows lack of love.  Let’s just say there’s a collection of clutter joining us in our already crammed space.  Another thing working everyday has shown me is where my headaches come from.  It’s silly actually because my days have been light on work and heavy on just lack of desire to be there.  The kids are great though.  Today a child said, “You have an accent!”  To which I say, “Yes, I do!  Can you guess where I’m from?”  The response, “Australia?”  
Anyway, I’ve recently also made peace with first graders.  They really are cute and yes, annoying, but in an innocent way.  They struggle with who’s the boss and with controlling emotion.  They probably sleep well at night since they let it all hang out, unlike adults, like me, who keep most everything inside resulting in tension headaches.
So, today and all week it’s been pretty hot here, not Texas hot, but hot enough to have people out in bathing suits and shorts.  It’s nice to walk around the midst of people enjoying getting outside.  We were more clothed, but out.  I was sweating, but enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin hoping the real vitamin d was being absorbed.  
I’m at peace really living here in the Northwest.  I miss my son and my friends and family, but I can see all the reasons why God brought us here.  To Him, I say thank you.


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