A Visit to Colorado

At times it seems too much in one blog post to write about an experience, but more than one blog post seems too much.  Anyway, we enjoyed our visit.  The two-day, extensive drive through the western side of the US gave us much barren, though beautiful land to see.  We drove silent most days, listening to music, thinking thoughts and sleeping.
We arrived to Colorado with feelings of nostalgia, excitement, and yes, I guess a bit of sadness for what we left behind.  But, we were there with a purpose.  The purpose was to take care of what we choose to continue to be ours.
Phillip and I, for many reasons, can’t seem to let go of our home in Colorado.   In many ways it doesn’t make sense to and so, we took ownership.  We rolled up our sleeves and went to work.  We did a variety of spring cleaning and shopping.  We made the house a home.  We placed our name on the house in multiple spots.  I cried (but just once) out of joy to be there and from sorrow of leaving there.  Phillip and I shopped at various stores looking for just the right pieces to decorate with and three stories that showed us God was with us.
The first story is that we had brought two windows that we’d bought in Seattle at a “junk” shop.  We intended to create art with these by placing photos of Colorado inside them, but after seeing what a local artist painted on the same type windows, we knew we’d found a different idea.  The windows we saw had painted on them a variety of flowers.  We wanted the same for our windows.  We spoke to the manager who then spoke to the artist who decided to satisfy our wishes, even though it wasn’t the norm or usual practice.  The owner said, “It must have been meant to be.”  We smiled and said our thank you’s marveling at the ease of how it all came together.
The second story is about our taste in frames.  We enjoy frames that are a little beat up and rustic. When I saw the frame it came with a cheesy looking print of a snowy cabin which we disliked.  It didn’t matter, and five dollars was all we’d paid.  We took it home and I turned it over and on the back it said, Colorado Blossoms. That was interesting since the front of the picture was anything but floral. So, I bent back the metal to take out the print not really knowing what we’d put into the frame.  When I turned it over to peel off the snowy cabin print, I noticed a picture underneath it.  When I finished peeling it off, I uncovered a picture of a variety of dried Colorado blossoms, just as the back said! They were a variety of dried wild flowers, labeled and arranged in rows.  I loved it!!  We now knew what would go in that rustic frame.  With that unveiling, I felt the peace of God.  It was as if He were saying to me, that He’s a step ahead of me.  That He has ALL things under control.  He knew I would choose that print and that I’d peel up the print and that I’d love what was underneath.
Ok, the last and final story was how we created a piece of art out of drift wood and a stick.  Phillip designed it and worked on it.  We’ve not known since owning the house what to put into the indentation above the mantel.  We brainstormed and finally came up with a name to place on the “plaque”.  Hunter Mnt. Home.  After Phillip carefully wrote out the name, I thought we’d add the elevation of our home.  Phillip found an app that gave the exact elevation of our home and it came up as 7770!  What a heavenly number!  So, Phillip added that and he placed it over the mantel.  It fit perfectly there.

Yes, the confirmation was there.  We made the right decision to keep this house.  Our home.  I like this picture of me and Phillip.  Even though my eyes are closed, I like how relaxed we appear.  We are at peace because we came home.


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