Sunny Sunday Reflections

That pic was from yesterday.  Yes, a dreary sky most days here in the Northwest, but then this happens.  I found myself smiling as I was driving around in the sun with the sunroof open.  I felt energetic and hopeful, all because of the sun.  Literally, with the sun, the colors of even the skyscrapers came alive.  So, living here in the northwest isn’t for everyone; most especially those who suffer from S.A.D., but I’ve found one can learn a thing or two about patience and waiting from this climate.  I feel more patient after living here.  I also feel extra grateful when the sun appears and these emotions have translated to other areas of my life.  I’m trying to let them “translate” anyway, most days.  
Today, I was with a group of first graders and instead of dreading them, I found myself more relaxed and able to enjoy them and their legalistic ways.  I also learned something about myself.  I can be fairly laid back as a person and this clashes with the young child.  Most young children need structure and adherence to a schedule to feel secure in their environment and to learn.  I tend to naturally peel off structure like a day old band aid, so as it is, I may rub first graders the wrong way.  I may give them anxiety and cause for worry.  They may act up with me because I lack in my personality what they need. 
Anyway, right around the corner, I will have a break from the northwest and take a vacation.  It  won’t necessarily be all sun and warmth in Colorado, but it’s Colorado and I’m heading “home”.  Feels good to say it, but it’s also hard to say it.

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