At the Park

Though it’s cloudy in this picture, the day was actually quite sunny, so Phillip and I took a walk in Downtown Bellevue at the park.  We have had the longest, busiest week.  We’re both pretty tired and have looked forward greatly to the weekend.  There’s quite a lot to do, but I admit, I feel pretty beat.  I’m not filled with energy at all.  Maybe by tomorrow, I will be reinvigorated, but today, I’m sitting happily on the couch after having only done laundry and dishes, oh and yes, I did the much needed chore of filing.  
Today, the sky is back to gray and it’s sprinkling and the sun is basically buried underneath loads of clouds, so my mood feels sour.  It’s been a tough winter for many and I know that we’ve had it much easier than many in different parts of the country.  We’re all starved for the sun though.
I’m looking forward to Spring Break, we’re making plans (God Willing) to go visit the house in Colorado.  This fills me with excitement, but for some reason I feel the need to keep that private.  I don’t want to make a show of my feelings for going somewhere that I look at as “home”.  Truly I know that going there carries with it a bucket load of a variety of emotions.  So, I know to be careful and mindful of the way others in my family feel about it.
Well, that’s it for now.


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