Glad for March

February hasn’t ever been my favorite month.  Even though it’s short, whether in Texas, Colorado, or Washington, the month is long because of the cold, grey rain. I’m glad to welcome March. The branches are still bare, the sun peeks out occasionally, but Spring is coming.
The good news is that I’ve used the time indoors to work on finishing a novel.  It’s crazy to have a story come together.  I’ve learned a lot writing with another person.  It’s challenging, but fun.  We don’t know if our manuscript will be published, and at this point, it does not matter.  I look forward to completing this big project.  I’ve spent much time with characters in an imaginative world.  I’m getting to the point of needing real life people.  This is good.  There are times that I think I’m okay with just my family.  Most days I am.  But, there are those other times.  I hope to meet someone who I can spend time with to enjoy happy hours and just talking about things that matter in this life.
That’s it for today.


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