Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

So, the latest update.  Well, as life would have it, kids grow up.  We returned yesterday from our second college visit with our youngest. We went to OU and we all loved the campus.  The creative vibe was present from the appearance of the students as well as the options given to create the path of education.  However, Hannah would pay out of state tuition.  We pray there’s a way to send her anyway, but we do have other colleges to visit.  
Elaine and I are getting closer to finishing our story.  It’s still hard to believe that we’ll actually have a novel written.  It will be an accomplishment if we continue to persevere.  I’m excited to complete it.  That is probably what I should be doing now instead of posting to this blog.  But, I guess I can write on many levels.  This is one of them.  

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