There’s a war that goes on forever in this world, humans keep it going.  It’s actually impossible to end, but I’ve found it can be kept at bay.  But the power to do this doesn’t come from the sophisticated weapons of this world, no they are other worldly, but yet, available.
The war is inside our human hearts.  Our heart is the battleground highly sought after.  On our own, we can’t master the power that can be harnessed here.  The heart’s passions can run wild and set in motion events of catastrophic proportions.  But also, it’s here in the heart where is born the fascination with another.
If left unchecked, the heart can become overwhelmed and cause the brain to malfunction.  If left unprotected, the heart will be the only thing that the brain of the one affected will respond to, every  other rational word of advice discarded.  Unfortunately, what can save the heart often can also kill it.  Heartbreak is the advantage, a heart broken finally breaks up the battleground, making it ready.  A broken heart is ripe for seeds of hope.  But, as I’ve said before, a broken heart can maim, kill, destroy.  as well.  Unrequited desires grow and the heart falters, grasps,  aches until it blinds the eyes, stops up the ears of it’s beholder.  Too many have been the victim of the broken heart, taking with it, the health of those we love.  Too many have fallen ill, and also have lost connection with reality.  Their minds unable to ration.  And then, at worse, there are those who give up entirely, and seek an end to the torture, the loneliness, the gut wrenching pain.  And they die, whether it’s only in spirit, or in body, they die.  No person can resuscitate or bring life to once this occurs.
But, there is hope in a name.  There is power in a name.  You’ve heard it before, did you resist it?  If today he spoke your name, did you instead harden your heart?
That name is Jesus.  He reigns in the land of the brokenhearted.  He works miracles here in the heart of the broken.  Jesus waits here in the darkness. If you find yourself here, what have you to lose.  If all you have the power to do is whisper his name, Jesus.  Do it!
Think of what He went through.  His father, God turned his face from Him as He hung on the cross.  He knows pain.  Jesus has wept, ached, and died.  It is He who could understand all the pain you carry.  It is only He who could resuscitate your heart.  He can make you new.  The reason is because He alone conquered death.  He won the war of the heart.  This war only keeps going because it is fueled by us.  We manage to keep it going.  We also have an enemy.  He keeps adding lies which are fuel to the fire.  These clever lies deceive us.  The enemy doesn’t tire of seeking a wounded heart whose vulnerability allows the lies to connect.
Protect the heart.  What does this look like?  How do you do it?  The answer is found in faith.  Faith is simply believing what you can’t see.  Hebrews 11:1 says it well:  Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  Faith will help you believe.  Faith will give you the hope you seek.  Let Him, Jesus try to fix you.  I promise He can.


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