Winter struck last night.  We awoke to frosty green grass and bitter cold today.  It’s the first time that I thought I’d buy myself a winter hat.  The normal temperature around here runs from the mid 40’s to mid 50’s which is rather mild, but this morning it was well below freezing.
It’s beautiful here in the Seattle area in every season. There were many clouds, but in the distance, a break in the clouds revealed a snowy mountain landscape in my mirror.  Wow!
I could only take speedy glimpses because I was driving in the opposite direction to work.  I wanted to take the nearest exit and turn the car around to get a closer look, but it wouldn’t be today.
That’s okay, I worked in my favorite school today, a Spanish immersion school.  I love it!  I enjoy listening to the fluent Spanish spoken by children.  As the substitute teacher, they walk in timidly unsure of what I will be like.  They avoid eye contact, but I feel eyes on me all the same as they enter.  I fix a smile on my face and say “Buenos dias ninos!”  They return the greeting and seem to relax a little.
The rest of my day is filled with busyness and Spanish vocabulary.  The clock take it’s time ticking the hours away, but before long the final bell rings and I feel the tiredness slip onto my brow.
That’s where I feel it as the day winds down.
It’s been hard to be a substitute, but it has it’s perks as well.  I’ve taken tomorrow off and I look forward to relaxing at home.


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