Colors of Life

I’ve decided that the concept of recycling can be used in many areas of life.  That to say that neither is this photo new on this blog, nor is it one I’ve taken.  I just like it very much and so I’m recycling it for this post!  (lazy?)
Anyway, I’ve been trying to be more conscious of being thankful in the everyday things that previously, I might have rolled my eyes at or just wished myself out of the moments.  I want to be thankful for life as I live it and be grateful that I have life!  So many tragic stories out there, war, untimely death or disease, murder.
It’s not to diminish the struggles that I have or the pain we have had as a family, but to be grateful for and almost embrace the struggle.  What?  Embrace pain, struggle?  Why?  I have found that hard things help shape me and grow me up.   I am still alive and have opportunity to love.  I don’t want to take for granted the time I’ve been given on this earth.  It’s my belief that this is not our permanent home, but that we’re to live out our days in love and peace.  Being salt to the world is so important.  Just being salt can bring someone to tears.  I know because it happened to me.
An Asian little six year old boy who was part of the unruly class that I was a substitute for, when he had my attention and eye contact said, “Do you like origami?”  To which I said, “Yes, I do!”  “What do you like to fold?”  With shiny dark eyes and a smile he said, “I like to fold swans”.
I don’t know exactly why in that moment made my soul come alive, but it did.  A little boy, not too long alive knew about beauty, discovery, accomplishment and even more, wanted to share all that with me, someone he didn’t even know.
I haven’t yet folded a swan, but it’s on my to do list.  I want to fold a swan and then like this cute boy, share the beauty with someone else!
Be well and blessings.


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