I have no picture to share at the moment, so I will just free write an update.  So, Thanksgiving went by in a special way because we have the whole family together this year.   Josiah is paying us a much needed long visit.  He’s been here for over 3 weeks now and I’ve loved every moment. We bought our Thanksgiving dinner at Met Market and I was very impressed.  It sure tasted homemade though it was no match in some ways to the family favorites we still crave.  We think of Carol’s homemade biscuits and my Mom’s stuffing.  Both sooo good and sooo missed.

But more than food, we miss our family.  Thank God for technology that helped us connect via Skype.  It wasn’t the same as being there, but it came close.  We also enjoyed meeting with family that live in the Seattle area.  Phillip’s cousins John Hunter and Abigail Echols.  We enjoyed an outing and getting to know them and their very cute children.

As the days continue to fly by, we prepare for the birthday of our son and our Savior.  I choose to focus on being thankful to all the blessings we have been given rather than on feelings of depression that want to creep inside my heart.  I’ve got a whole lot to be thankful for and God has certainly been kind, merciful and loving towards me and my family.

Phillip and I will also be celebrating 21 years of marriage.  We are taking a trip to San Francisco this weekend.  We are looking forward to alone time, sun and fun.

The children are in a state between teens and young adults.  I remember both the joy and challenges of this time in my life.  I pray God lead and protect them as he has done in the past.  I’m very proud of all they’ve accomplished and look ahead to where God will take their lives.  Hopefully not too far from home, but His will be done.
Blessings to you.


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