Pen and Ink



I’m happy to report that the “ink”-well has not gone dry.  I thought for a moment that it had.  I’d felt depressed during this season since I’d only recently decided to add to my resume the title of “writer”.  Perhaps I’d made a mistake in adopting this prestigious title.  Perhaps I’m only a want-to-be writer.  Perhaps the words I’d written were only temporary.  These were the thoughts I was having.  This was my experience as writer’s block had me in it’s tight grip.  I’m not sure why this particular bout of coming up empty with the printed word lasted as long as it did.

It wasn’t a good feeling to pull out my laptop, pull up a screen and go completely blank.  The other thing that accompanied my writer’s block is my lack of taking any recent photos worth sharing.  I looked and looked, but nothing had caught my eye.  Did I have photographer’s block as well?  Worse, did I have creativity block?  

It doesn’t matter because for now, I think I’ve come out of it.  Yesterday I surpassed writing over 25,000 words on a manuscript that I’m not even sure I’ll ever publish.  It’s mostly been a work of therapeutic/spiritual value, but I have also written it to hone my skills.  

Writing more seriously began a year and a half ago after making a  cross country move to Washington with my family. Writing has helped me cope with the stresses of grieving loss, leaving behind a grown child and the struggle to adapt to a new environment.

I’m thankful for views, readers, other blogs that I’ve derived encouragement and inspiration from over the last few weeks.  

Thank you also to the special people in my life who encourage me by calling me a writer.  This has helped. 


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