Fresh Autumn


I love Autumn, the leaves as they crunch under my shoes, the crisp cool air and making breath clouds as I walk to my car in the morning.  Okay maybe not the latter so much, but I do love the colors of fall: red, gold, rust, and orange.  I love photographing this spectrum of colors found all around here in Kirkland.  
My children are too old for nature walks with me, so I did one on my own and collected leaves and chestnuts.

I know that Autumn is my favorite season for all these reasons, but I love it especially for what it offers to me.

Autumn is (to me) opportunity, clean slates, and new beginnings.  Perhaps that is why the whole New Year’s resolutions thing doesn’t work for me.  No, give me September, October and Novemeber and I’ll start new things.  I’ll try a new hair color, buy a new wardrobe, cook a new meal.  

Unfortunately, I’m not too fond of Halloween, especially the gory stuff, but I’ll take any dark chocolate that anyone would like to throw my way!!


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