What I should really do

What I should really do is sit on this red comfy chair, sip my green tea and contemplate life.  I should stare at the pot filled with grass.  I don’t know why I choose to do otherwise in life.  I desire change as most people do, but why do I just go out and make change when change come all on it’s own?
Anyway, it’s hard to just sit and wait.  It isn’t in my nature to sit and rest.  Sure, I’m lazy and I’m not found doing house work or baking bread or crafting or working out.  No, I’m talking about being restless from the inside out.  This kind of restlessness is probably what keeps me fatigued and making decisions that I shouldn’t.  Thank God that this time I stopped myself before making a really big decision.   The decision wasn’t necessarily bad, it was just premature and by almost going through with it, I may have forfeited it what is coming to me in the near future.
The rent house was a good fit, but the timing had not come.

God help me to sit and rest in you.  Help me to trust in what’s ahead.  More than that, help me to relax and enjoy the right here and now.


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