Moody Skies

Yes, I put a filter on this picture to reflect a certain mood.  Though it appears ominous, I enjoy it.  I don’t enjoy the mood necessarily, but the creativity that often comes with it.  I do enjoy the  “sunny” times, but for me, the smooth and easy path can lead to getting stuck in ruts, laziness or becoming blind to new avenues.
When the clouds come, I try to choose not to brood.   I’ve learned that days like this often precede inspiration, revelation or maybe some other “-ation”.  I’ve learned to stop resisting these moods and instead go with them to see where they take me.  Sometimes they lead me into change, but other times the blue moods lead me to fresh creativity.
That is why today, I post blue skies.
On other news:  I’ve realized that there are some changes that need to be made, most of them are within me. We’ve lived here in Washington for over a year and a half and it’s time.  I need to get busy taking the role I’ve been blessed with and taking the authority that I’ve been given.  
I’m working more, but I’m peaceful about it.  I’m learning to persevere while I gain skills and experience teaching young minds.  We were blessed with a new (to us) vehicle and this has further lifted burdens from us.  More to come.

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