Writer’s Block

I never enjoy it when it happens, but it happens, so I’ll just free write in hopes that it’ll unstick me.  I won’t even care that my computer isn’t enjoying the word unstick.  Ha, there, did it again!
A N Y W A Y. . .
So, the substituting is going well, seriously, it is and for this I’m thankful.  I began it not expecting much, but has turned out well.  Once the kids realize that I’m not scary and that they’ll be cared for, things go fairly smoothly.
I know why I’m stuck with writing.  Things get busy around here with school starting, and work for me and so, writing falls to the way side.  At least it’s not wherever art is.  I’ve actually been longing to paint something, anything, but I don’t feel like I can start any such project.  Phillip and I know we need a creative space for that to happen.  Soon, soon enough.  
I’ve spent some of today packing for my trip to Texas.  I look forward greatly to seeing Josiah.  I always miss him when we’re not in contact.  He’s planning to move here, and even if it’s temporary, I’ll enjoy him being here so much!
My dog is driving me crazy.  I honestly don’t understand dog ownership.  I’m sorry to say it basically ruins my day off to be here at home, a small home and be stalked by a dog.  Where ever I go, he goes.  And there isn’t very much square footage to share with each other.  I feel for him as a dog.  He’s a good dog, but I wish he’d just have a farm to live at part-time.
I’m sorry, but I had to rant today.  It’s nippy, cloudy, rainy and I’m waiting on a phone call that won’t seem to come.
Bear with me.
Thank You.

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