Friday Drinks!


I was at a bar, having a happy hour drink with my husband, thankful that it was Friday at last and he caught my eye and transported me to another world.  These days, I can be both amazed and transfixed while watching careful crafting, whether it’s blowing glass or creating drinks, doesn’t matter.  In this case, it was a bartender.  He was more a scientist in a lab than a drink-maker.  I watched as he carefully made an ensemble of sparkling cranberry lemon drops.

I’ve been especially stressed this week and in need of being carried away to different lands, if not in literature or a retreat, than in the art of people watching.  In this photo, the drinks were ready and I must’ve been salivating unknowingly, or was just caught with a longing look in my eye, whatever it was, I was awarded a great photo op and also a sampling of the drink he made.  It was delicious!

Enjoy the weekend!


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