I’m a writer…today



I’m working today, not getting paid, but am working today.  Today,  I’m writing.  Ah, feels good to say that.  I probably need to say it aloud many times a day and feel proud about it and hopefully grow in confidence with it.  

Yesterday, I got yet another rejection for a full-time teaching position, but I must say, that I’m not completely disappointed, I’ve actually breathed a secret sigh of relief.  

Today, I’m thankful and proud to call myself a substitute teacher and most recently, substitute librarian!  The sub jobs are well-paid and hopefully will remain plentiful.  (I’m told flu season is coming :P)

Oh, and I no longer have recess duty!  If you’ve read my blog in the past, recess wasn’t my favorite time because as you may know and as I’ve discovered, it’s a cold and wet recess here in the Northwest! (at least through winter!)

Anyway, substituting has provided me with some much needed flexibility for family’s needs, errands, doctor visits, etc.  

Thanking God today for His provision of an ideal job!  Both of them. 


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