Back to School

The good news is that school has begun, the last year we’ll have a child in the public school system.  I’m so excited to be close to being done with this.  Josiah is 19, Bria is 18 and Hannah is 17.  The time is zooming by these days.
The bad news, well, it means I’m back at work, but honestly, it’s going well so far as a substitute teacher.  The pay is great and the job has its perks.  I’m home today running errands, blogging and getting rest.  I’ve not had any problems out of the ordinary, so far with subbing.  As a matter of fact, I’ve
been recently humbled by the children with disabilities who bravely go to school, some of them unable to voice their needs and totally dependent on (at times) total strangers.  How do they communicate, well, it’s in the eyes.  Their eyes will tell you how they are feeling from one moment to the next.  My heart broke just watching them struggle, but there are moments when the light radiated from their eyes and the child inside them was playing though their limbs were unable to move.  
I also thought about their parents.  Here I am worried about my intelligent, compassionate,  physically able children and day after day, parents care for medically fragile children who are unable to speak or move voluntarily.  I repented heavily that day.  The worry I was doing is a sin in the light of what the future holds or doesn’t hold for these precious children.  I find myself praying for them and their parents.  
And, I find myself being more grateful for the well-being of my own.  I also find myself wondering what more I can do for helping the disabled.  I don’t have the answer right now, but I will be working with more disabled children tomorrow.  It’s what I can do for now.  And thank you God for reminding me of my blessings.


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