Stormy Day



I’m in Seattle somewhere, I have no idea exactly where, but the little cafe is called Louisa’s and as I look around, I like it, it’s comfortable, cozy, fragrant, and friendly and the tea and scone I’m having are scrumptious!  

I’d dropped off my husband at his workshop in Capitol Hill and was left to roam the streets. That’s what happens when you’re birthday falls during the week, I’m not disliking this plan.  The alternative was staying in my dimly lit apartment with my crazy dog.  I opted for the latter, and so I drugged the dog (per vet’s instructions), bid him goodbye and left.  

I know we stopped in Capitol Hill at first, but as I began driving, not knowing what I was looking for or where I was going, I stopped here, mostly because I needed a bathroom, but mainly because I feared I’d gone too far away and I needed to pick him up in a couple of hours.

I’m really enjoying the music playing here at Louisa’s, very chill, and a tinge of upbeat.  Oh, I see, I’m in the Eastlake Neighborhood.  

Well, that’s it for today.  I’ve enjoyed blogging here, perhaps I’ll be back for lunch!




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