Break’s Over

Not my image…I take no credit for it.

Along with many others, I kiss the summer break away and “welcome” the upcoming new school year.
I will be entering the school year as a Substitute teacher.  The job pays well and that is the highlight of the job.  I may be exempt from recess duty as well which moves me up the ladder so to speak as well.  My hope is that as I persevere, I will be led to greater things, better jobs.  I am also trusting that God will show me what that exactly is in the near future.  I’m not 100 % that I’m supposed to be a classroom teacher, but an educator I am.  So, it’s off to work (possibly) I go.  I’ll know between the hours of 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. tomorrow morning and every morning after that.



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