For those of us who uphold the courage of the passionate, I ask that we come together and come out of hiding.  Let’s band together in support, in cheer and in prayer of our loved artists who we’ve given life, who we’ve guided, who we dearly love.  Let’s join hand in hand with each other, through those late nights, through those wondering days, reflective days in support and in pride.

Forgive me, It is the crack of dawn and I’m writing in the language of the State of the Union address.  

However, and I go on…This early morning, I thank God, that my husband son and daughters are alive and well.  I enjoy them immensely and I know that none of our days are guaranteed.  So, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very grateful and honored to have been given the privilege of being part of their lives, but I have to admit, as a wife and mom, that it’s not always been easy.  It’s not always been my dream for them to pursue a career in the unpredictable arts.  I admit it, but it was never that I wanted them to be who they are not.  No, this would be tragic.  I thought this way because I wanted them to avoid struggle.

And look at me!  I’m a hypocrite, I’m an artist as well, here in hiding, here in hopes that I, too, could make enough money to support the american dream with writing words!  I’m an artist too!  Cool!  I’ll be a world changer!

Anyway, sorry,….This I write for those of us who are the Mother’s of Aspiring Musicians and Artists and yes, wives, or spouses also, but that’s a different post.

I speak write, with both pride and a bit of haste, but mostly I speak ugh, write, in need, I guess of support myself.  I can’t do this alone, and, I know you are out there, I doubt I’m alone.  But, I do ask:  Who are you and where are you? You mothers of musicians and artists.  Come forth and show yourselves!

Oh, fine, I know you’re there…But, I’ll speak for my own, on my own, for now.  

I write to you today, in hopes that you’ll join me, that you will gather with me, basically to hold (virtually) hands.  To tell each other, that it’ll be okay and that it will go well with our loved ones.  To stand together in pride of the gifted and talented, compassionate people that we admire and gave birth to.  

I know, that day is coming, when our children, our loved ones, whom we greatly admire, but who we, at times, may have failed to support or understand, will be part of what helps change the world.  It will be our children who do see the forests as well as the trees, who do not turn a blind eye from poverty, division, or hate.  

Our children, and in my case, now young adults strive to live in a state of difference.  Our children strive to live life to the drum of a different beat, and yes, I meant to write it that way.  

For them, let’s form a union of support, of prayer, of cheer.

Rather than sit in worry, or doubt, or fear, let’s unite and support each other.  Let’s be to each other a group who can understand, withholding judgement and instead making efforts to, ourselves, stay open, stay courageous and stay hopeful.

This is what our loved ones need.  They need us to believe in them.  I stand today, perhaps alone, but confident and proud of my children.  I love and admire you.  Stay true.

If you can relate to my post, give a like, and if you would like to join M.O.A.A.M, well, I don’t know yet, since I just came up with the idea, just hang on.  Just say you’ll join me.  Thanks.





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