What Matters

I’ve been in a reflective and in a discerning mindset most of today about what matters and what is true.  Sure, I’m a person who dreams and has vision for a more perfect world.  I have hope for what can be achieved and how one person can make a difference, but more than all this today in my life, I want to do, to show those who are special to me what matters.  
Though I’m a reborn, forgiven, redeemed Christian, I seek to act my faith and walk and not just read or write about it.  It’s in that spirit that I spent the last couple of hours sitting on the couch applying for more teaching positions.  Yes, it is true that the teaching profession scares the heck out of me, but it’s what I am.  I am an educator and have the credentials to prove it.  Though I’m working on not taking ALL of the blame in our financial problems, truth is that I’m responsible for a great deal of it and so, I’d like to redeem this.  I’ve asked God to help me to redeem this by providing a position for me, a job, a teaching job.
It’s not lost on me the stringent requirements of a classroom teacher, and it’s also not lost on me the lack of the skilled abilities I have, but all that matters little if I have faith in a BIG God, and yes, I profess that I do.  So, I applied for teaching jobs today in and with faith and trust that if awarded a position, that God would indeed come through and enable me to meet the challenges that the position would pose.  

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