Weekend Celebration


I flew from the Atlantic to the Pacific over the weekend for a family wedding and returned exhausted, but content last night.  I can’t exactly explain this, but somehow Monday was “eaten up” in the process and in comparison to last Monday  left me feeling stoked and motivated to jump back into the grind of this week.  

The highlight of the weekend was being around the people I cherish.  The faces, conversations, hugs, and kisses left me with such a euphoria that I’d  found myself uncharacteristically sociable.  I wore heels, made an effort to mingle and I danced and enjoyed it all!   The bride and groom’s glow brightened all our spirits.  

Two pictures may help express the joy, fun and magic of the weekend.


ImageMy wonderful kids!




2 thoughts on “Weekend Celebration

  1. What a fun-filled weekend. I love attending family weddings. It brings so many people together, at the same time and it’s always fun catching up on the many things you might have missed or simply seeing those you haven’t seen in a while. I love the dancing part too…I hope the wedding was a success. I wish them a happy marriage!

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