Barren Wasteland



This came to me after reading the Book of Ruth.  I truly enjoy the love story in the Book of Ruth, and I confess that I’d focused on it more than on Naomi’s story, but lately it’s Naomi’s story that captures me.   Naomi became a widow in a land not her own. She’d  sojourned for a time in a land foreign with her husband and two sons.  

She was left with two daughter-in-laws in a foreign land.  She decided to go back to her people and tried to persuade both her daughters in laws to go to their families.  

One left, but one one remained loyal to her, determined to not leave her side, and must have loved her so much that she gave her first born son to be raised by her mother-in-law (from what I understand).  

I can’t imagine how Naomi felt to be so esteemed by her daughter-in-law.  I’m not sure I could understand Ruth’s ability, courage, vision in her decision.   From this son, Obed came Jesse and  Jesse was David’s father.  David would be God’s chosen king, a man after God’s own heart.

An amazing lineage “birthed” from one woman who called herself Mara because she felt bitter and empty.  

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the truth of this.  Her life wasn’t over when she thought it was over.  God still had plans for her that she had no idea about.  God never left her side and continued to bless her and wiped her tears dry.


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