Camp Desert?



I went to visit my daughter at camp near Antelope, Oregon.  She’d been gone since July 30th and we were anxious to see her.  She has zero access to her cell phone and only a land line to call from.  

I was near an anxiety attack as we drove through this high dessert.  And by the way, Antelope is a “ghost” town.  Not a soul was walking about to ask for directions, and not a car near until after traveling fruitless in both directions for a while,  we noticed several cars pass us filled with two people, some cars had children, so we went for it, and followed them.  

We traveled twelve more miles of winding gravelly roads, changing terrain, balancing rocks,  I started to question how a camp in the desert was a good idea, and I was slapping myself for not having read the details from the countless emails.

But, then finally, there it was, a true oasis in the barren wilderness comes the million dollar campground.  

My daughter was safe, tan and happy.  We embraced her and enjoyed our visit with her at Creek Side Camp.  And there was a creek near camp desert and so much more!  

Come to think of it, I was so stunned that I didn’t even get a picture of it, a phone pic wouldn’t do it justice anyway, so here I leave you with the beauty found in a desolate place.  These flowers gave me hope.


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