Writing about writing

What refinement in work entails is tenacity and perseverance even while turbulent circumstances persist.  I’ve not reached this level, but I’m in fact a student in the program.  What must not happen, what is intolerable and produces a backward spiral effect is the act of quitting, of giving up.  Times of stagnation, boredom, reflection, laziness even can be withstood, but stopping and giving up?  That is fatal for growth development. 

Even as I’m writing this post, I realize that I’m merely writing about writing, I have works that need pages and thought, but, I sigh, and I give myself a  pass, a reprieve because composition of words is practice, formulating meaning from thought in a relatively short amount of time is gain.

There will come a time when I sit and think, when I type and edit on that piece, that story, but today is not that day and that’s okay.




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