Around here

If you are born and bred here in the Northwest, then you’ll want to skip over my post today.  I’m writing a report of sorts to people in other areas who wonder what it’s like living here in the Seattle area.
I’m happy to report that summer is gorgeous around here!  I’m blessed to be able to live here.  Yes, yes, there’s plenty of rain, but what people may not know is that the rain comes in various forms and so, even though the day may be technically wet, it doesn’t mean you’re toting an umbrella everywhere you go.  As a matter of fact, the weather in the fall and winter is a wonderful excuse to own a collection of boots, which I personally love.  I also happen to like wearing sweaters over outfits.  They look nice and add to an outfit.
Speaking of the rain, in my limited experience, I’ve mostly experienced a sort of a mist most days.  Sure, there are days it pours down heavy, but that’s not the norm.  The climate is pretty consistent depending on the season, and yes, there are 4 distinct seasons here in the Seattle area.  I’ve posted pictures consistently over the past year, so if you scroll back, you’ll see the seasons in action. 
That’s it for today, here are some summer pics to enjoy!


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