I  see the poor and the lonely, the starving and stuck
I desire to love and not judge
I lean in to listen to the words of the lost
I open my mind to ponder and discern
I look back and remember the blessings He gave, the promises and the love
and mostly how He forgave.

I live in a world where some hate and despise
I live in a world which both conquers and divides
I live in a society that argues for justice
I live with a people who misinterpret the light

But, He still died for all and forgave.

What am I left with, but to emulate Him?
What would He do with the pain left within?
He wrote in the dirt and sought a quiet place to pray
But, He also spoke out in truth and called out sin?  He knew when.
Jesus, oh please give me the wisdom that you alone have, Jesus, give me the compassion to love as you Do
Give me the courage to speak when I should, give me the Spirit to stay quiet too.


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