Time Off

What have I been doing?  I’ve been enjoying time off because I’m a teacher by day and writer by whenever I fit it innight.  I have been doing a great deal of writing during my time off and I recently completed a non-fiction book about a family.   I thought an e-book might be the way to go and so I was starting to read up on it.
As I read, I had a duh moment as I read this: https://www.createspace.com/en/community/docs/DOC-1971
 “No matter how much you enjoy writing itself, as authors we have to acknowledge that the whole process works better and is far more enjoyable if we have more readers.”  
And I thought, Um, yeah, he’s right.  When I began writing many years ago, it was in the pages of my private journal, and my writing never bared itself in public, so I tend to have that same mentality today.  However, with blogging I’ve begun to accept that it’s a sort of personality undressing, and though I’ve come a long way, I’m no where near nude and forget about being stark naked!  But, some books I’ve read I see that others have no problems in that area…sigh*…   if I ever want to write for a living, then I need to start stripping one layer at a time.
 I’ll start with my scarf, thank you very much.

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