Summer Break!

I’m guilty of taking quite a long break from writing.  In reality, I’ve been “suffering” from a sort of pre-lethargic summer break syndrome.  It actually started about two weeks ago.  I contracted it from the teachers and kids and it proved to be highly contagious.  

Symptoms:  Heavy spaghetti-like arms and legs in the morning with Mild “in-the-background” irritability with anyone under the age of 10. Heavy-lids after lunch and on the afternoon drive home and an increase in the lack of creative lesson planning. (a.k.a, more worksheets!)



Thankfully, when the disease reached its peak, the school year came to a close and we (my family) were found happily consuming Mexican food at a local restaurant in celebration of the end.

Hope you’re happily enjoying the beginning of a new season Summer!


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