I’ve been wordless for all of this week and the events of the world silenced me even more.  But in the stillness, my God said to me, “Serenity”.  Throughout the week, I encountered this word as I went about my day to day life.  

Yesterday, at work, I discovered that even though I know many of the children’s names, I’d failed to realize one student’s name, Serenity.  I’m sure it’s because normally she’s a serene child, hence her name.  

So, I was “freezing” at recess duty yesterday scanning the playground when I noticed a child playing where she shouldn’t.  I walked over to her and motioned and directed her to play where I could see her.  She complied and I went back to my “post”.  I turned back to walk away from her and then was distracted by the other children and perhaps tying a shoe when it happened.  

A head-on collision.  Two students had crashed into each other.  They were both holding their heads and so I sent the girl who seemed more hurt on to the nurse with a helper.  

When the helper returned, she says to me, “Mrs. Hunter, there were two other girls in the nurses office along with Serenity.”  My eyes widened and I responded, “Who?”  She repeated, “Serenity is the girl I took to the office.”

The bell rang then and I walked back inside the building asking myself how I failed to notice that child’s name before today?  And then it became obvious to me why she was brought to my attention.  It was her name.  Serenity.  My fourth encounter with hearing or seeing the word Serenity.

I walked inside with the assurance that this is the word that God wishes for me to hear and meditate on while around me horrific events happen..

If you haven’t truly adopted The Serenity Prayer in your life, read it afresh again and realize the power behind it and also read Proverbs 3: 5 and 6 which is one of my favorite bible verses.

I admit, I’ve been familiar with the Serenity prayer for a while, but only recently did I relate to the author’s cry within it.  

God knows our heart and hears our own cry for understanding, our cry for courage and change, and His answer: stay calm, be wise, and trust. 


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