I’ve been meaning to write this, but wasn’t sure quite how to word it without sounding like a wiener  so here goes:

I would like to thank those who have decided(recently) to follow me.  I’m very grateful.  I’m trying to think positively(and perhaps not so seriously) about the whole “follow” idea.  

Recently, I’ve chosen to be pretty choosy about who I follow.  Some I follow after reading a bit of their stuff, some I follow right away because their post hit me square in the chest.  Others I choose not to follow if the message of their blog doesn’t fit where my life is at present.  I might think less seriously and decide to follow 1000 blogs, I mean what would it hurt??  What are your thoughts?? 

Again, a collective thank you (and perhaps lame) to those who’ve chosen to follow.  To all who blog, kudos!  I know it takes work and commitment to take up posting daily.




2 thoughts on “Following

  1. I want to thank you too for following me! As to following a 1000 others some day… well, I have the feeling some follow just to get followers…..which seems to dilute the whole thing, ya know?

    • Yes, that’s truly where I was coming from, but wanted to hear other’s thoughts to see if I was just being too picky. Thanks for your feedback.

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