Home Swap?

My favorite spot…
I had a brilliant idea! But, let me fill you in on some details first. Number 1, if you know me, (or not) you know that my family has moved many times in a (relatively) short amount of time. My family has lived in Texas, California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and now here in Washington. Though adventuresome, it has not been easy on any of us and it has taken it’s toll. However, we still have a need and I wish to share it with you:
Our need: To live in a home here in the Lake Washington High School area (specifically) between this June and the end of June 2013. We don’t care to buy a home as we have two at the moment. The one in Texas is listed for sale and we have hopes to sell it this year. The one in Colorado is now vacant and so we are readying it for vacation rentals starting in May. So, financially, we know it’s not feasible to buy a home and our current choice of home is a small condo. Our lease is up soon, our 2 teen girls desire more space (as do we) and it’d be nice for our dog to run around in a yard.
The idea: We need someone who is in a state of life that is able and wishes to spend an agreed amount of time (a year)inOuray, Colorado.
This family will need to enjoy mountain living at it’s best. From sunny, cool and blue skies in the summer to dazzling snow filled mountains, skiing, ice climbing perhaps, and soaking in a hot springs pool.
The family will need to be willing to live in a cozy home, completely furnished that sits on a hill in a family friendly neighborhood. The home is a short jaunt to a small town where people gather to shop, hike, dine and mountain gaze. The town is quite literally in the mountains at over 8,000 ft above sea level. It’s beautiful and serene and I miss it greatly, but we’re willing to share our home in exchange for your home.
Have I sold you? Are you the one’s who need a new adventure for a year?
With this being temporary, it’ll allow our family a less stressful place to live until our youngest daughter graduates high school. After next year, my nest will be empty and my husband and I will be able to look for a place of our own here in the Seattle area.
Alpen glow
I know this is crazy, but it’s not so far out that it can’t work. If you are a person looking for an unforgettable year, then let’s get acquainted. :)

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