The Elements of a Good Story

The good news is that my job is helpful in many ways to who I am as a person (or becoming). So, today, I was sitting in a class learning. Part of my job is to model good learning.

Well, I can check that off my list.

The teacher was teaching the elements of a good story using a Venn Diagram and I actually learned right along with the 3rd graders.
The teacher did a remarkable job making sure everyone was, in fact, listening (which I was not, at first). I admit I was thinking about tonight’s dinner.
So, when she gave her attention getting signal, “Show me the five things!”
I snapped to attention was rewarded, not by a blue reward ticket, but by hearing and learning about the bare bones of a good story.

The wheel is in no need of reinvention as the elements remain true:
Characters, setting and plot.

Check if we have it @ 2writerscafe
Oh, and the bad news? It rained at recess 😛


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