A Vest

I’m sure I’ve grumbled enough about my recess duty to those close to me, but here’s a funny update…
One of the first grade bratty children that I “monitor” outside asked me to wear my safety vest and I decided, “What’s the harm?”  So, I put it on her and told her to stay close by me and described to her the job of the Recess Monitor.  She took it very seriously and I have to say, did a great job.  First graders are natural behavior monitors!  They will call you out and love it!  
I got a kick out of doing this and now I have a long list of kids waiting to be the Recess Monitor!  If  only in real life, they could take over this part of my job 😉
I’m actually very thankful for my job and today I got a glimpse of the sun.  It peeked out and winked at me and I winked back 🙂

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