“I Hate the Sun!”



I have been surprised by the differences here in Seattle, but to experience children saying they’d rather play in cold shade than sunny areas is a little too much for a native Texan.  

This winter, I’ve experienced the beauty here in the Seattle area.  I now have a different view of frost and hope to photograph what I’ve seen in recent days…it’s just stunning.  And frozen fog?  This is new for me. The way the fog enveloped certain parts of the area on my drive to work, I thought, “Is the fog frozen in mid-air?”    

 I’ve made it a habit to gaze at the mountains because they often reward me with a visual treat.  Today,  I was in awe at the beauty!  I think it was Mount Baker.  It had a very frappuchino-ish top.  I could almost envision a cherry on top, but then I guess it’d be more of a sundae.  

I feel very blessed to be able to live here and see all the beauty, cold and all.


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