Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today, I celebrate the evening I met my husband.  I remember the night well.  I saw him walk into the party, arm-in-arm with a beautiful young woman who I know as my friend Carol.
My thoughts:  “Oh, good for Carol, he’s handsome!”  Carol introduced this handsome man as Phillip.  I shyly said hi and walked on.  Later, they sat at a game table.  Carol invited me to sit between her and Phillip and I declined.  Girl code.  I was attracted to her man!  So, I just sat nearby.  I remember a fun night with games, friendly conversation and later…regret.
At the end of the party, my sister walked up to me and asked, “Did you meet Carol’s brother, Phillip?”  “Brother?!”  “@*#!”
It wasn’t until mid March that I saw him again at church.  It was a long couple of months.  I made sure to invite him out after church with the singles group.  That story I’ll post later.
Happy meeting each other anniversary Sweety!


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