I made it to Friday.  How about you?  The update?  Well, I’ve now lived in Kirkland, WA for about 5 months and it continues to confirm to me that it is not Colorado, nor Texas.  My Life is different here; people are different here; trees, flowers and grass are different here; driving is different here.

So, it isn’t just the weather, even Christianity is different here.  All that I’ve listed isn’t bad, nor necessarily negative, just different.  It’s challenging me even though I’ve moved so many times to very different parts of the country.  And I miss friends and family A LOT!

What is it like here?  It’s not a simple answer.  It does seem more aesthetically pleasing to the senses to live here.  There is abundant flora and trees.  The air is fresh and the mood is pleasant, but people seem aloof.

Creativity is evident in the music we hear at church, at festivals, even just at the park from teenagers that are playing to their friends.  The art I’ve seen is unique, I actually found a jewelry maker who makes jewelry to my taste.  And if you know me, you know I don’t frequently wear fashion jewelry.  It isn’t that I care little about fashion, it’s that my taste didn’t live in Texas.  I’ll have to find the card I got from that vendor.

The kids in my preschool eat vegetables and are more familiar and expert in naming food and flowers than I’ll ever be.  One child brought sashimi for lunch for example and I find seaweed in the kids lunch boxes frequently.  They speak of gardening the way some kids speak of video games.  It’s a bit refreshing and depressing all at the same time.  Living here is also perfect for me the flower lover.    Flowers have personality here.  There are some crazy flowers here, all colors and shapes.

I’m enjoying driving around and don’t miss the bus, although I rode it by choice the other day to visit a different church.  It came in handy!

My girls are motivated to learn how to drive and I’ve been more than happy and nervous  to teach them.

I still miss my son terribly.  I always feel like a part of me is lost from me and I can’t get it back.  Part of me doesn’t want to want it back because then it would feel like I’m holding on to what I should let go of.  *sigh*  But, it’s been good to continually pray for His well-being and entrust him to God our Father.

I should really get busy cleaning this place!  There’s not much space here to clean, but it still takes monumental effort and motivation to get up and get it done.  See ya!


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