The Gum Wall

I had forgotten to post this from our last weekend outing.  This gum wall is found in Seattle, Washington.  I’d never heard of it until moving here.  I suppose it’s been around for quite some time.  Take a good look and know that it is just as transfixing in person as it may be on these photos.  
What went through my mind?  Well, in my mind, I found myself thinking, not about the first few pieces, but about when the tipping point came? (for it becoming a tourist spot) Was it at 10, 20, 100, 289????   And then, I thought, Wow!  there’s still room???  Does someone come by and start to remove the old pieces, the ones that are no longer gooey?  Or does the gum fall off as the gum ages?  So many questions?  This I found to be the most valuable part of the infamous gum wall is the opportunity to ask questions.  Yes, that is the value of the gum wall, that and taking pictures of it, of course.

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