Stick to it!

When you want to give up, stick to it!  That’s what I got from looking at this fungus-mold thing.  I imagined it placed itself onto an inconspicuous place; a place where it’s chances of survival was the greatest.  A place from which it could view life; live life to it’s fullest.
Then I thought, it’s a fungus, a freakin’ fungus and  I walk away.
However, I’ve been trying to tell myself everyday: just live life day to day, stick with the tasks at hand, show up for work and do the laundry and dishes in short bursts.  In other words, if I live opposite this, making insurmountable goals, I can be overwhelmed and pushed over the edge pretty quickly.
It could be moving stress, too many changes or just plain tired nerves.
Whatever it is, I’m tired.
I’m ready to just stick to the task at hand, get it done well and then rest; then repeat.


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