Often it’s in what we don’t say, that we speak volumes.

Often it’s in our lack of action that we share what’s inside.

But He sees, He knows, It doesn’t slip past Him.

 He records our tears.

When others around us fail to see, fail to empathize with our hurts, it’s not okay, but they’re human.
Humans are finite.  We can’t read minds.  Only He sees and judges the heart.

It takes wisdom, His wisdom to know when to speak truth.  It takes wisdom to know when to keep silent.

I ask myself, “What is humility?”  The dictionary says:  modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.  

Where wisdom is needed for thoughtful action and love, humility needs the Spirit. 
That’s because we’re human.  

We’re finite.

But the same Spirit that raised Christ is in us.  It’s believing in this and meditating on it that we find our strength.  

Things hoped for that we can not see.


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