Black Eyed Susan

Work has begun and though challenging, I think it’s being a preschool teacher is a good fit for me.  It’s a good fit for my personality as well.  I like to encourage play in a child because I wholeheartedly believe in that play is their work.  I actually believe I could stand to play a lot more in my life.  Not so much with toys, but I like toys, but with life.  I need to do more doing in life and not so much reading about it.  I need to apply my belief to my own life.  Sight seeing the other day with Phillip helped, but perhaps he needs to go traverse a canyon and I need to learn how to Kayak.  All in time.
On my mind also is helping my son decide what to do with his life.  I’m also trying to prepare myself for what he may choose.  I know what I’d like him to choose, but I need to desire for him to choose what it is God wants him to choose.  This is much more important.
More soon.

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